Ergonomic Design Reviews

Are you designing a new manufacturing process, work procedure, product or office space? If so, ensure you are designing with people in mind. Have a qualified Ergonomist on your design team. By “designing to fit the worker” you will save your organization money and resources to fix future problems.

If you are purchasing new office chairs, desks and equipment, have an Ergonomist review the products you have selected to ensure they will be suitable for your jobs and employees. Do not wait until you have installed all new equipment to have it reviewed. This can be a costly mistake. We often see organizations buy the same “ergonomic” chairs and keyboard trays for all staff members, only to find out that the keyboard trays are too small and the chairs do not have all of the required adjustments.

When we review your design we work hand in hand with your team. We provide you with the critical ergonomic dimensions, pictures or drawings, and the vendor information you need to ensure an ergonomic design.


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