Physical & Cognitive Demands Assessments

The purpose of a Physical Demands (PDA) / Job Demands Assessment (JDA) and Cognitive Demands Assessment (CDA) is to document the bona fide essential duties of a task.

These assessments can be used for return to work planning, determining job suitability for an injury or disability, determining the likelihood of an injury, hiring practices and for ergonomic hazard assessments. These assessments are often required by Compensation Boards when an injury occurs.

ERGO Inc.’s PDAs/ JDAs & CDAs are:

  • Reliable and valid assessments
  • Recognized by WSIB / WCB, Ministry of Labour and Health Care Professionals
  • Customized to meet our client needs (Health Care, Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food Industry, Service Industry, etc.)


ERGO Inc.’s Job Matching PDA Database


  • This computerized PDA program assists employers return injured or disabled employees back to suitable work.
  • Ideal for determining accommodations, job suitability for return to work
  • Performs quick, easy, non-refutable job matching with the click of a mouse
  • Provides a list of suitable jobs for an injured employee


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