Health & Safety Audits

health and safety audits toronto gtaHave you been visited by the Ministry of Labour?

Has your organization been selected for a Health & Safety Performance Review by the WSIB Workwell Program? If so, why not find out where the gaps are in your Safety Program and start preparing now.

Do you know that over 75% of organizations do not pass their initial Health & Safety Review?

Your organization does not have to be a statistic. Be prepared. Be proactive. Developing a comprehensive Health & Safety Program will not only help you pass an Audit, but will reduce your employees risk of injury.

ERGO Inc. offers:

  • Pre-audit gap analyses to identify where your Health $ Safety Program requires improvement
  • Assistance with action plans, organization and program development
  • Prepares and trains management, JH&S committees and employees

We can offer a complete Safety Package or a single Safety service or program.

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