Laptop Users

Many employers purchase laptop computers due to their portability and convenience.  Staff can take their laptops to meetings, on the road and even home.

Poor Ergonomics & Laptop Use

Unfortunately, the laptop’s compact design does not satisfy some basic ergonomic requirements.  Due to the fact that the screen is attached to the keyboard, laptop users are forced to work in awkward postures.  When the screen is at an ideal height, the keyboard is too high; when the keyboard is at an ideal height, the screen is too low.  There is a trade-off between neck posture and hand/wrist posture.  The new CSA standard states that “mobile technology shall not be used individually for extended periods of time unless the user is able to achieve a reference posture” (CSA Z412-17).

Set Up Guidelines for Lap top Use

So what should you if you regularly use a laptop either at work or at home?  Follow these set-up guidelines to help reduce your risk of strain.  Your neck will thank you!

  • Use a laptop riser to raise the screen to eye level or dock the laptop and use an external monitor.
  • Use an external mouse and keyboard and position them at working elbow height.
  • Use a chair that provides a comfortable upright and supportive posture. Ensure your lower back is supported.
  • Stand up and stretch frequently.

Laptop Riser Workstation by Fellowes

The Fellowes Professional Series Laptop Workstation is a great option for setting up a laptop for a primary workstation.  It is sturdy and supports laptops up to a size of 17” and weight of 15 lbs.  It has a wide vertical range through 9 height settings to fit a wide range of users.  It is padded with vent holes to protect the laptop and prevent overheating.  And best of all, it has a built-in inline document holder to position papers directly below the monitor.

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