Do you travel and find it difficult to type and input a lot of information on your smart phone or tablet?  This new innovative easily portable keyboard may be the answer for you!

The MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is a universal keyboard that compatible with most devices and uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to up to 4 devices including a smart phone, tablet or computer. Is it very compact and easy to pack in a briefcase, knapsack or carry bag as it folds up easily.  Folding also protects the keyboard from being damaged while to you travel.


The splayed or separated keys make the keyboard a more natural layout for your hand postures which provides a more comfortable typing posture. By splaying the keys your wrists and upper arms are positioned in more natural postures next to your body without bending and resulting in awkward postures.  When we work or type in neutral postures we place less strain on our upper extremities while typing, thus reducing our risk of tired and sore shoulders, arms and wrists.


This universal keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices and uses Bluetooth 3.0 to wirelessly connect to your device. MultiSync technology makes it easy for switching between up to four devices. The built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery provides hours of typing time.

Where to Purchase

The new Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is available for purchase now at  or

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