Footrest 25 Year Campaign Giveaway

It’s time for another prize giveaway!  Continuing with our 25 Year Campaign, we are pleased to announce we will be giving away a SAIPH Foot Brace Rail.  Follow us on Twitter @ERGOIncInfo for the announcement.

We know that for most of us, a standard 29” high desk creates a keyboarding and mousing surface that is too high, and that we often have to compensate either by using a keyboard tray, or by raising our chair and using a footrest.  The SAIPH Foot Brace Rail by Ergoverse is designed for both sitting and standing postures, including perching on a sit-stand stool.  It is lightweight and comes with non-slip pads to keep the rail in place.  The Foot Brace Rail offers two angles – 30 degrees for sitting and 60 degrees for perching or standing – which are accomplished by turning the rail around.

The foot rail is ideal for standing, raising one foot while standing provides the benefits of taking pressure off of the feet and low back, reducing excessive curvature of the low back, and increasing blood flow through the lower legs with the use of sit-stand desks, it is important to change postures frequently by alternating between standing with both feet firmly planted on the floor, raising alternating feet, and sitting.  For those who require a footrest to ensure full foot support while seated, the rail supports only a portion of the foot and may not distribute weight as well as a larger surface traditional footrest.  However, for those who may not require a footrest while seated, but enjoy the opportunity to periodically put the feet up to change posture, the small footprint occupied by the Foot Brace Rail is ideal to allow the rail to be stored further back under the desk without causing an obstruction.