Fitting Your Chair to You!

Many people spend a lot of their work day sitting, so it is important to have a seat that fits your needs. These are some key factors that can help fit your chair to you!

Seat Height

Adjust the seat height so the user’s feet are flat on the floor or on a footrest.

Seat Depth

The seat pan should support the length of the thighs, with 2 inches of clearance (~2-3 fingers) from the back of the knees to the front edge of the chair.

Seat Angle

The seat pan should be parallel with the floor.

Back/Lumbar Support

The curve on the chair should fit into the natural curvature of the low back to provide lumbar support.

Backrest Angle

Adjust the tilt on the backrest to create a thigh-back angle between 90-110 degrees.

Chair Tilt

Use the dynamic tilt (rocking) feature to obtain relief from a single posture.

Tilt Tension

Adjust the tension of the chair tilt feature to allow for smooth, easy movement.


Position the armrests just below the forearms with the shoulders in a relaxed posture.

TIP: Lower or remove armrests if they create shrugging of the shoulders or interfere with the ability to pull the chair close to the work surface.