You didn’t plan to be here for long.

You were just going to check your email, put the finishing touches on that report, but now look at you. Perched on a chair, an overheating laptop balanced on your knee, and a growing pain in the back of your neck. Just because it’s called a laptop doesn’t mean it should be used directly on your lap. What do you know about laptop ergonomics?

How to Use Your Laptop Ergonomically

  • Sit up! If you need a small pillow on your lower back for support, get one.
  • Get a desk and use an external mouse and keyboard. Don’t keep your device propped on your knee as it will make you slouch.
  • Keep the screen at eye level. If you find yourself hunching over, the screen is probably too low.
  • Pull your seat closer to the table so you don’t have to reach.

If needed, use an adjustable chair, table, or both to get the height right.

Even with the most ergonomic set up, remember to take breaks!