Job and Workplace Safety Hazard Analyses

work safety analysisIdentifying hazards in the workplace is required by law. In order for your employees to work safely in their jobs, they need to know what hazards are present and understand how to work safely with the hazards

The purpose of a Job Safety Hazard Analyses (JSA) is:

  • to systematically analyze a job’s work procedures
  • identify potential safety risks
  • determine the likely causes of the risks
  • provide safety recommendations to improve the work environment and reduce the risk of incidents in the workplace.

ERGO Inc. JSA services are unparalleled, as we not only compile safety recommendations based on OH&S Act, Industrial Regulations and standards, but Include ergonomic recommendations based on CSA, Ministry of Labour and WSIB guidelines and research.

JSAs can also be formatted into placards that can be posted as Safe Operating Instructions at the work center.

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