Post Offer Pre-employment Screening

Post Offer Pre-employment Testing

pre employment screening and assessmentsPost offer pre-employment screening procedures are used to determine whether an employment candidate can safely perform the essential duties and requirements of the job.

Step 1: ERGO Inc. develops a Pre-employment protocol

A Kinesiologist reviews and measure your job demands and develop tests that are representative of your work processes. The testing protocol is outlined in a comprehensive report that includes step by step testing protocols, equipment set up and requirements, data collection forms, employees letters and consent forms.

Step 2: ERGO Inc. conducts testing of employment candidates

ERGO Inc. also offers non-bias testing of your candidates at your workplace. A report for each candidate is provided to your Human Resources department outlining whether a candidate is recommended for the job for which they tested for. The largest concern with respect to pre-employment physical testing is whether the tests being used are valid and reliable. If tests are not valid and reliable, not only may human rights issues arise, but the tests may not help your organization meet the goals of determining job capabilities and reducing future injuries and injury costs.

ERGO Inc.’s testing protocols are valid and reliable.

  • A test is valid if and only if the test accurately measures and represents the variable of interest. For example, if shoulder strength is the variable of interest, the test should accurately measure and represent shoulder strength.
  • A test is reliable if it is reproducible. That is, if the test produces the same outcome over repeated trials.

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