Footrest 25 Year Campaign Giveaway

Footrest 25 Year Campaign Giveaway It’s time for another prize giveaway!  Continuing with our 25 Year Campaign, we are pleased to announce we will be giving away a SAIPH Foot Brace Rail.  Follow us on Twitter @ERGOIncInfo for the announcement. We know that for most of... Read More »

Choosing the Right Sit/Stand Unit

With the increasing popularity of sit/stand desks, employers are asking questions about how to select the right model and type of standing desk. As with most things in life, one size does not fit all and picking the right style model will depend on the employee’s... Read More »

Forklift Ergonomics

Forklift drivers often report low back and neck discomforts associated with prolonged driving. What is it about their jobs that predisposes them to this type of discomfort and what can be done to mitigate the risk? Ask one of out ERGOnomists to help you assess their... Read More »

The Truth About Stretching at Work

Does stretching reduce injuries? This has long been a question of debate in the athletic world and is now also a question being asked by employers. Stretching programs have been gaining popularity in workplaces and they do have some merits. If you are considering... Read More »