Laptop Risers & ERGO Winner Announced

Laptop Users Many employers purchase laptop computers due to their portability and convenience.  Staff can take their laptops to meetings, on the road and even home. Poor Ergonomics & Laptop Use Unfortunately, the laptop’s compact design does not satisfy some... Read More »

The Rollermouse – Ergonomist’s Evaluation

Having pain in your hand, arm and shoulder from mousing all day? The solution maybe right at your fingertips ? literally! The “RollerMouse Red” by Contour Design, Inc. may be just the ergonomic mouse you need to reduce hand, arm and/or shoulder pain caused... Read More »

Ergonomic Uses of Footrests

Footrests often go overlooked when people discuss ergonomic office solutions. In reality, footrests can make just as big a difference on your overall body comfort as a backrest. Traditionally, foot rests have been used to support the legs / feet when a work surface is... Read More »